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Virtual Private Server (VPS)

Virtual Private Server (VPS) – VPS hosting is one of the hosting services you can choose for your website. It represents a mixture between shared and dedicated hosting. Standing for Virtual Private Server, VPS is a virtual hosting solution, which unpacks the benefits of a dedicated server in a shared hosting environment.

By means of virtualization, the VPS hosting service ensures a much better utilization of the main server’s power as compared to shared hosting accounts and provides full insulation from the other users on the physical machine (like dedicated servers do). Seen in this light, VPS hosting represents a mix between shared and dedicated hosting, offering maximum resource usage and hosting independence at a very affordable price.

VPS Advantages

If you are considering moving to a more powerful hosting solution, but are unsure of what is truly right for you, a VPS server perhaps might fit your needs. Here is how this service fares against other hosting solutions:

  • You will be fully insulated from the other VPS users on the same physical machine, so, unlike in a shared environment, your website’s uptime and performance can never be impacted by other sites;
  • VPS servers are getting less expensive over time, which makes VPS hosting an option for sites of all sizes – even if you are yet to start building your first site;
  • A VPS plan is easily scalable – you can start off with minimal resources and then gradually upgrade your plan to accommodate your growing needs;
  • With a VPS, you will have a lot more control than you would with a shared hosting account. You’ll have full root access and the ability to use software that is usually not allowed on a shared hosting platform;
  • You will have the freedom to choose the Operating System and the software you want to install on the server;
  • The same technical support team that assists shared hosting account owners will be at your disposal 24/7/365 to address the most frequent issues;
  • With a VPS, a large physical machine is sliced into many different virtual instances, which will help you reduce your energy consumption and carbon footprint.

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