What is Parked Domain?

Parked Domain

What is a parked domain? If you’d like to register a domain to make certain that no one else will take it, but you have not developed the web site for it yet, you could park it. That is a service that registrar companies provide if a domain address isn’t connected to any web or e-mail hosting service. This way, you can protect a brand name, for example, and you’ll own the domain address in question although it won’t load any content. If you would like, you may choose some standard template that the registrar offers, such as For Sale or Under Construction, you can also forward the domain to a new web address. The second option is very helpful if you own a few domains, but you want all of them to open the same website. For instance, you may register domain.net and domain.org, then park them and forward them to domain.com. In this example, you’re going to need hosting for the third domain only and the traffic to the other ones is going to be redirected to it.

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